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Delivery Information

Delivery Information


1. The user will give us personal information for identification , acquisition transactions , mailing , messaging and advertising.

2. Details are secured stored and transmitted.

3. Information is stored in a secure manner and without third party access rights .

4. Information is not transmitted to third parties except clearing \ credit card firms for a transaction only. The site is not responsible for use of the information by the clearing/credit card firms.

5. The site not responsible for any damage caused to information transmitted to us in any situation including hacking, site crashes , glitches \ errors of the web pages , theft, etc.

6. You can make a purchase using credit card - secure online purchasing on a very high security level (according to European Standard ).

7. You can make a purchase via PayPal - secure online purchasing on a very high security level .


 We will do our best in order for you to be as safe and secure as possible.

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