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Conditions of use

General rules

Welcome surfers Golden Mour- sales of virtual shopping site (the "Site" or "store").
Powered scene offering our customers a sales range of products from the best brands at attractive prices and with special conditions.
Browsing the site or signing in or using the services offered which expresses and you agree to these Conditions, and they apply to every action you take or make on site. If you do not accept the terms of use, wholly or partly, you are requested not to use the site.
The information, data and information presented in this site is the sole responsibility of the user. The site does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and information at the site, not the integrity, not TIMELINESS, nor the suitability to the needs and user data.
Website reserves the right to change from time to time at the sole discretion of its representative and / or operates the product range, prices (including delivery expenses) and the payment terms.
The store reserves the right to change the regulations without prior notice.
Site can appear in advertising and links to other sites. The store is not responsible for the content contained in them.
The store reserves the right to refuse to sell a product / s or provide services so and so without prior notice and without explanation.
The site operator will be allowed to close the site, or cancel or reduce them.
Prices displayed on the site are for purchase only on-site. All amounts and prices shown in the different sales pages include VAT unless otherwise noted. Store prices may change at any time without prior warning. All amounts and prices shown in the different sales pages include VAT unless stated otherwise. The store may change prices at any time without prior warning. You are obliged to verify and check any data, information, content, or calculation that you received when using the Website and you may not rely on it. The site operators and their employees, including officers, will be held and will not be responsible for any kind of loss, loss or damage, either directly or indirectly, that may result from using the information in the database, omission of information, the information is incomplete, inaccurate or wrong. Content on the Website are for the personal use of the user only, and not make any other use, including commercial use. You may not copy, reproduce and / or print any content from the site for distribution or publication in any way without the consent of the store prior written consent. The user hereby declares that he knows that the use of the site involves many risks, due to the technology involved and because of human factors on the Internet. The store may contact you by email, in writing or orally, any information regarding site operations and / or on the publication of other commercial enterprises, etc., at its discretion. It is important to clarify that the registration is authorized by performing the action to be included in the list of store customers, which include the distribution of direct mailing of the site.

Sales Orders

May participate in the purchase of goods aged 18 and above, who possess a valid credit card in Israel.
Prerequisite effect of the acquisition under the purchase participant, is confirmation the credit card company lawfully operating in Israel and her trade.
Your card number and details required to enter in the space provided and / or other payment methods if mentioned on the site.
To ensure proper invitation you must fill in all requested in the booking form that appears on correctly and accurately. Before making an order for a product or service (the "Order") is first required to register the site by choosing a username and password plus Enter basic information such as name, address, email address, phone number, company name and other information, if and as required.
Booking possible immediately after filling the form data contained in the Site. Depending on the products in the store inventory. The buyer's responsibility is to provide complete information and correct. Submission of false information is a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code, 1977 and does so expect legal proceedings for criminal and civil.
Confirmation of the operation will be sent to the customer via e-mail. This authorization does not require the supplier to deliver the ordered products, and is only indicative absorbed in the details of the purchase.
Only after that the company will finish checking the details of your credit card and received approval from your credit card to make the purchase offer shall be deemed feasible and supply processes begin any products you ordered provided they are in stock.
Performs billing operation for the cost of the product or service purchased by him, be made by credit card, after the action.
The information you submit on the site is intended for exclusive use of original technologies for the use of the site, and will be maintained as part of a database under the Protection of Privacy Law - 1981, agree to its terms, you agree to the inclusion of information in the database as stated. The store is committed to do its utmost, means available to maintain and prevent possible privacy of information submitted by you, however, it has no absolute rule out disruptions and shall bear no liability due to injuries, malfunctions and / or disruption caused to the said
10. Should there be a disruption and / or error in the description of the product and / or service, price or any other details,
Will be recognized and / or the supplier may cancel your purchase and you will not be charged any fee in respect of the bid was canceled.
11. If the time of booking give erroneous identification details, nor will the suppliers to ensure that the products reach you and / or if the products are returned to the store due to incorrect information provided by you, you will be charged for shipping and handling.
12. All on-site acquisition is conducted through a clearing system which charges a fee (a percentage of the total order) be charged separately from the cost of production (and \ or deliveries). The price increment in parentheses on the method of payment (payment form Step 4).
13. The store may cancel a transaction or selling all or part of the following cases:
A. In case the proposed product out of stock and / or non-receipt of approval from the credit.
B. Fell by mistakes, whether the price of the product and whether the product description.
third. There was an error communicating and / or technical problem that prevented visitors to the site use the site properly.
D. In the case of force majeure, act of war, hostilities, terrorism and / or anything else that would prevent the continued execution of the sale order.
14. The orders made to days (special) will be detailed below do not include working for days now shipping. Here are the days not considered working days: Friday, Saturday, Holiday eves, Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, Purim, Passover, Independence Day/Yom Ha'atzmaut, Shavuot), days of fasting (Yom Kippur, Tisha B'Av).


If the product has run out, and if for any reason the site would do everything in his power to deliver a product as close as possible to the product which was invited, according to the degree possible at the same price level, according to the customer's satisfaction. If the customer decides to cancel the deal we cancel it without a transaction cancellation fees.
All operations are while supplies last or until a pre-determined date and can be unilaterally break at any time by the administrator.

Product supply

Shop worry for the supply of a product or service purchased on-site at the address in Israel, within the time specified in the purchase of the product, unless specifically stated otherwise.
Store and / or suppliers shall not be liable for any delay in product delivery in the following cases:
A. Force majeure and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, war, hostilities, emergency situations and natural disasters.
B. Strike or lockout with suppliers of goods or services necessary for the production and / or transportation of products.
third. Any other reason beyond the control store or supplier.
The store will benefit for free shipping above stated sum will be presented the details of the purchase. This benefit applies to non-delivery areas only exceptions. The benefit in case of abnormal areas constitute shipping discount of 50% of the total shipment requested (not including areas south of Beer Sheva).
Delivery times indicated do not include the day of payment for the order.
Methods of transport do not include all the goals and objectives are exceptions that require additional cost for transportation. So before booking Check carefully their goal.
Methods of transport do not represent the time the goods arriving at their destination for abnormal areas listed below. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check whether a specific destination place included an exceptional area.
Registered Mail delivery - the supply of the product / s will be made within 14 working days (excluding Fridays and Saturdays evenings Festival holidays) from the completion of pre-payment. (Except for abnormal areas listed below).
Standard Shipping - courier, delivering product / s will be made within 7 working days (excluding Fridays and Saturdays evenings Festival holidays) from the completion of pre-payment. (Except for abnormal areas listed below).
Fast delivery - courier, delivering product / s will be done within 3 working days (excluding Fridays and Saturdays evenings Festival holidays) Sent Mondays and Wednesdays until 12:00. (Except for abnormal areas listed below).
8. Delivery Express - courier, delivering product / s will be done in a day (24 hours) of work (excluding Fridays and Saturdays evenings Festival holidays) from the completion of pre-payment. (Except for abnormal areas listed below).
9. in areas with limited access in terms of security store and / or supplier shall be entitled to deliver the products to customers where near acceptable in coordination with the customer.
10. In case if the products are returned to us by the shipping company due to wrong information provided and / or the wrong address and / or non-requirement of the package by the recipient, will allow retransmission of the product \ s new address will provide the user and a surcharge of shipping costs depending on the type The user chooses the shipping fee according to the type of site that day shipping. Anyway return shipping will be charged a minimum of NIS 35 even if the first shipment can benefit free of charge.
11. Store and / or its designees shall not be responsible or bear any indirect, special or consequential damages caused to the customer for any delay, delay or failure in providing a product or service - irrespective cause of action will be - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit incurred from reason.
12. temporary supply of the products as they are noted only include sales page ie business days, Sunday through Thursday excluding Fridays and Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays.
13. temporary supply of products to Eilat and the Arava , communities in the Negev, the West Bank and the territories beyond the Green Line will be longer deviate on sale - up to 14 days.
14. The regulations of the Postal Authority or any other entity carrying out the transportation and the supply of goods or services shall apply to any supply / transport the product through the Site, and will require all offers.
15. It should be clarified that place of employment for all purposes will be considered as the seat of the store, even if selected customer receive the product by mail or by courier.
16. In the case of exceptional transport or delivery abroad store and / or providers may charge an additional fee for payment for normal transport.
17. Delivery fees will be higher in remote communities shipping fees excellent sales page and has yet to be transmitted to the billing. (Areas such as the Negev (NIS 110), Eilat (NIS 110), Heath (110 shekels), Io''s (except number communities [Ariel Barkan double price]))
18. Arrival exceptional areas:
A. 3 working days - seats / kibbutzim / expect, Tiberias, Osfiya, Dalit El Carmel Atlit, Nir Etzion, Nir Hod, pure, vineyard
Maharal, (Rotate Route 4), Tiberias, Kiryat Shmona, Beit She'an turn, turn Manara, turn Rosh Hanikra, Ramat Hovav in the Negev.
B. Up to 7 working days - the Golan Heights, the northern plateau, southern towns in the Negev Eilat to Be'er Sheva +
19. deliveries of registered mail. Goods weighing over 2 kg will charge an extra fee.

Cancelling a transaction

1. The customer may cancel the transaction subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law - 1981.
2. You can cancel the purchase of the product at any time from the date of booking and until 14 days after delivery or date of the approval of the transaction, whichever is later, by sending written 3. notice of cancellation Customer Service Department by fax or registered mail. Cancellation fees are 5% of the product or NIS 100 according to whichever is less.
4. After fourteen days, these will not be possible to cancel the purchase. Transportation costs of product warranty and return only customer funded.
5. If the customer complained about a defective product returned and / or replaced product turned out right, the customer will be charged shipping and handling costs.
6. Ordering products ordered from abroad especially for a client can not be undone.
7. The store has the right to sue for damages to a consumer product that is returned and / or impairment of the product.
8. You can cancel the purchase of a product but only to send a written statement and / or fax and / or e-mail directly to the shop.
9.It will be possible to return the product via e-Israel, via registered mail only to: "For Mour -HaNachal St. 23 Karnei Shomron 4485500
The product will reach a whole (intact), issued without original packaging and / or carried out any use of it.

10. In cases of cancellation of a transaction without cause righteousness on the nature of the cancellation the customer will be charged in addition to the differences in the cost of shipping as detailed below:

A. Collections: the completion cost of 20 shekels.

B. Quick deliveries: completion cost 30 shekels.



When making a purchase from a store, private payer system securely absorbed (such as name, no ID, address, email, phone, credit card number, etc.). Credit card details are not stored in the system.
As another precaution, meticulous examination is conducted to validate card details with the credit card companies every purchase made, to prevent irregularities and misuse of credit card. It is used solely for the purpose of the transaction for the booking through the website. This involves clearing using a credit card company, product delivery by sending the destination address. The information is not shared with third parties with the exception of clearing (credit card companies).
You can change your personal details at any time, by entering a user name and password. If you encounter problems, please contact us via our email: Goldenmour1@gmail.com.
There may be changes in our privacy policy, we will try to post about the changes.
When using a website that uses \ client aware of all by collecting information entered by the site and thereby agree to the privacy policy of the site.

Golden Mour undertakes not to transfer customer information to third parties


The customer test the product / s admission and inform the company immediately (within 24 hours of receipt of shipment) on any faulty or mismatching product and subject to the provisions of the sale. In case you receive an item is damaged - must show the invoice, and take care to replace the product or, alternatively, to cancel the order without cancellation fees
Quill mistake in the description of any product or service, it shall not bind the supplier and / or the store. Photos products featured on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding on the store.
All information displayed on this exhibit for the products, nature and quality were provided by suppliers and are full and exclusive responsibility of the suppliers.
For the avoidance of doubt, all the products are original, tested extensively customs, were purchased legally. Any demand a refund in respect of a claim for defective product / fake respond negatively. The store carries no responsibility for the quality of the product.
Store and / or its designees shall not be responsible or bear any indirect, consequential or special caused to the user or a third party, resulting from the use or purchase via the website - irrespective cause of action will be - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit incurred for any reason. The store's liability will be limited in any case to return the money of the customer.                      The warranty does not include related products, such as connections, batteries, plastic materials, screws, etc.

Law and jurisdiction law
Starting on the invitation and the rules it is Israeli law only. Exclusive jurisdiction in any matter and dispute, competent courts under Ariel alone.

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